Business is booming! Placing your order can be a process so here are a few helpful tips to get you ordering like a pro…even if it is your first time!

“Buffalo Wings” are a style, not just a flavor. The traditional buffalo wing is served NOT breaded with celery and blue cheese dressing (ranch available also).

When you say Buffalo, we think:
  • ·         Mild: Almost no spice/heat
  • ·         Medium: A good kick but not too spicy
  • ·         Hot: Great flavor if you’re used to spice, if you’re not sure go lower
  • ·         Nuke: For the brave… (*Upcharge for Nuke Sauce)

Papa Bees also offers a number of signature wing sauces other than traditional Buffalo style. We can mix any of our sauces together to your preference.

Here are a few different options for wings that change from person to person:
  • ·         Wet: Wings are tossed with extra sauce
  • ·         Dry: Excess sauce is tapped off, wings are lightly sauced
  • ·         Naked/Plain: We don’t bread our wings so naked/plain means no sauce
  • ·         *Regular: Cooked approx. 15-19 minutes, slightly crispy skin
  • ·         *Crispy: Cooked approx. 20-24 minutes, crispy outside

       *Please Note: Due to high volume, it may take longer for your order to arrive! These times are cook times only, so keep in mind if it is a busy night, other customers ordering ahead of you may cause a delay in cooking your order! Not to worry, it just means more of you love us and we appreciate every single one of you!!!

*Size matters! The size of the wings will affect cooking time, and our wings are larger than average (USUALLY!)

All wings are cooked to order and are not sitting under heat lamps ready to be tossed so please be patient…it’s worth the wait!

All meals containing hamburger patties will be cooked to your specification: Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done